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We are on a mission to nurture
Africa-led businesses into
world-leading organisations with lasting impact, one deal at a time



Our Story

What started as a group of friends on a chat platform slowly transformed into a collection of like-minded individuals who have a common and unified goal to realize Africa’s full potential. ​

Who We Are

We are on a mission to discover and nurture early-stage opportunities that have long-term transformational impacts for Africa and Africans. We are committed to enhancing the vast potential of Africa’s intellectual, social, and financial capital and resources, and to providing continuous guidance and support to companies that partner with us; utilizing our diverse knowledge of Africa and strong business analytics to provide unmatched value to shareholders.


We support socially and environmentally responsible investing, with the goal of maintaining an exemplary reputation for successful business in Africa.

Our Vision

An Africa powered by capitalism and driven by a unique blend of cultural and social values.

About Us


Deep Industry Knowledge

Our team shares vast industry knowledge that cuts across various fields and sectors of the economy; ranging from consulting, science, medicine, engineering and technology.

Also, by analyzing business models and industry trends we are able to make strategic decisions to the benefit our portfolio companies.

Years of Experience

We share a cumulative sum of over 50 years expertise from different fields and disciplines which contribute to our choices and our ability to spot companies exhibiting high growth potential.

Our Team
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Our Address

1720 Mars Hill Rd NW Suite 120-380 Acworth GA 30101


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